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more full house renovations

c. 1920

c. 1917

c. 1930

c. 1900

c. 1930

All of the renovations above were designed by Heather personally with every design element being a reflection of her style with the intention to compliment the historic home's character. Each project was a full house renovation project with a goal to update for today's standard of living while keeping the original historic charm and character intact when possible.

a combination of FAVORITES FROM heather's projects + the client collection

the client collection

renovation coach

design services

All of the homes in our Client Projects Galleries were owned by our clients who worked with Heather to oversee the renovation process and guide in the preservation efforts. 

Design elements such as fixtures and paint colors in these homes are selected by and reflections of the clients' personal design style with assistance by Heather when requested.  If you would like Heather to help you with your renovation, pleaese reach out.



" What we've loved most about Heather is how she really listens to the homeowner."

We LOVED working with Heather, and recommend her to everyone we come across.

She'll share her thoughts and advice (which is so spot on), but really takes the time to understand your vision for the home. Heather respected our budget, and worked so hard to help us get what we wanted in our home while staying within our financial constraints. 

- patrick & amber


The preservation process.
Doing things the right way.
Following the home's lead when it comes to original details.

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