This yellow house exudes joy and happiness and makes you want to sing 'Cover Me In Sunshine' as you pass by. 

This house was neglected and sat vacant for close to 10 years and then exchanged hands among a couple of investors after being sold at a delinquent tax sale. When we purchased it, another investor had already made some repairs so we picked up where they left off, and then made a few modifications of our own.  The house had a strange hallway of doors with a huge closet right in the middle. So, we reworked the floor plan and used the closet and part of the hallway to create a private master bathroom. We then took the second full bathroom and closed off one doorway to create a more functional lay-out. 

Meanwhile, in the blank slate of  the kitchen, a wall between the butler's pantry and kitchen had already been removed so we were able to create a gorgeous kitchen with all new two-tone cabinets, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. The neatest discovery was in the dining room where we found an original window in between the two large windows that was boarded up but in great condition. It was quickly uncovered, cleaned up, and now lets in tons of sunlight into the dining room.  And to wrap this renovation up, we decided to keep the bright and sunshiny yellow on the exterior and painted the doors a deep turquoise green to compliment the siding.  We finished up a small deck and then added a wood privacy fence to the spacious back yard to wrap up.


Let's make your historic home  beautiful together.

Our ideal clients believes that historic homes are worth saving and are willing to invest the extra time and money to not only renovate the home, but also to preserve it.  If you feel that way and are ready to get started on yours, let's talk.


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