Nothing says 'heart of the home' like the space where family and friends gather together for a good meal.  

Browse through some of our favorite kitchens in the gallery below and then check out our shop section where we are sharing some tips on cabinet and countertop design along with links to all of our kitchen renovation staples.

Kitchens are our jam.

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While each cabinet craftsman is different, we typically tend to follow the same guidelines for custom cabinetry:
1. Shaker Style Doors
2. Flat Front Drawers (for the top drawers)
3. Soft Close Hinges and Drawers
4. Painted Prior to Installation

We are firm believers in having kitchen cabinetry custom made by a small, local mom-and-pop cabinet shop.  They are craftsmen and custom tailor the cabinets to fit the out-of-plumb, out-of-square, never level rooms that come in old houses.  You can talk through the design with them, make specific requests, and receive a quote upfront before any work begins.  We always provide a detailed drawing with the layout and dimensions for the initial quote and then meet onsite so they can take their own measurements.  If you are in need of a kitchen layout, we can help with that through our One Room Design Plan.  You can also, in some instances, sketch the room out by hand for them to work off of.  

Be sure to consider adding the following:  A trash pull-out, wide drawers over cabinets with doors to maximize storage, and a pantry unit if you have the room. Oh, and if you're having a custom hood built, have the insert's dimensions available.  Your cabinet guy will need it.

We have used a few different surfaces but quartz countertops seem to be the most popular choice.  They come in a variety of colors and styles and are custom made to fit your cabinets. 

Before ordering quartz or granite countertops, be sure to have the following:  kitchen sink on-hand (they will need to take it with them for the cut-out), faucet (so they will know how many holes will be cut when they install), and whether or not you want a 4-inch backsplash (which is not needed if you plan to add tile).

We also have used wood countertops and love the warmth they bring to any kitchen.  We have used cedar boards and also butcherblock that you can purchase at a home improvement store and have your carpenter cut it to size.



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