The house had good bones.  Oh, and cedar shake shingles. So reworking the interior was the icing on the cake.

Larger than it appears from the outside at almost 2,000 square feet, this home had a lot to offer.  Most all of the original hardware, trim, and doors - including two beautiful French doors - were in great shape and we were able to piece back together some presumably original cabinets to make the butler's pantry.  The back of the house had undergone some modifications over the years and the very oddly placed and unsafe stairs to the attic were taking up valuable real estate back there.  Oh, and the kitchen was odd.  So the first order of business was to rework the floor plan.

Immediately after closing on the house, a sledge hammer revealed brick behind the bump out in the kitchen.  Choosing to use that new old brick wall as a focal point, the rest of the kitchen was gutted, linoleum and sheets of plywood were removed from the floors to reveal original hardwood floors underneath, and then came the fun part.  We had custom Shaker style cabinets made and painted a bright white and then added a little warmth to the space with cedar countertops. And we reinstalled a missing doorway that had been closed up in the corner.

Next up was the bathroom situation.  The house only had one bathroom so creating a second bathroom for the master was at the top of the priority list.   Remember that weird space in the back of the house I mentioned?  Well it turned out to be enough space to add a small master bathroom and closet to the back bedroom making a private master suite, and the other portions of that space were turned into a utility/laundry area with a little seating area under all of the bright windows facing the back yard.  All of the big items - electrical, plumbing, new roof, gas heat - were included in the renovation along with paint inside and out and refinished hardwood floors. We also added a wood privacy fence and replaced the two dilapidated storage buildings with one new one and painted it to match the house. Right from the beginning the cedar shakes on this house were begging to be navy blue right with a red door and that color combination set the tone for the name of this project, The Americana.  


Let's make your historic home  beautiful together.

Our ideal clients believes that historic homes are worth saving and are willing to invest the extra time and money to not only renovate the home, but also to preserve it.  If you feel that way and are ready to get started on yours, let's talk.


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