Peronneau Place

Original Features Preserved:

Doors and Windows Hardware
Skinny Wood Floors
Cedar Shake Siding

This charming home is now bursting with curb appeal with the original cedar shakes painted a deep, rich green with a complimentary eggplant for the doors.  This renovation included reworking the floor plan to add a second bathroom and larger kitchen, and rebuilding the master bathroom in addition.

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Because every historic home has one.

Once dark and dreary this home now is vibrant with the dark green cedar shake and welcoming dark purple front door. As a rental property for several years, we quickly found out the extent the lack of maintenance had on the house. We ran into several structural issues including the entire floor system of the kitchen and half of the master bedroom along with having to completely rebuild the now master bathroom within the same footprint of the previous half bath. Additionally, the layout needed some reworking in order to provide a better flow into the bedrooms and to incorporate a second full bathroom. And last but not least, at some point in time almost all of the original trim throughout the house had been removed in order to install sheets of paneling that covered two layers of wallpaper and damaged plaster walls.  With all of the structural repairs made, layout reworked, and new trim installed, the house was ready to be transformed into the home it was always meant to be.

We carried the earth tones from the exterior inside using the dark green in the entryway and on the checkerboard patterned floors in the kitchen. Throughout the house you'll find a simple color scheme along with vintage details like the hallway phone nook, subway tile patterns in both bathrooms, and the repurposed beadboard on the kitchen island and hood. We consider ourselves lucky for the opportunity to preserve this house with hopes that it will be around for the next 100 years.

Old Home Character 
With so much of the original trim gone and so many repairs needed, we had to work extra hard to highlight the remaining original elements to the house like the pocket doors, swing door, and by leaving the exposed brick in the kitchen which is now a focal point.

The skinny oak floors in the dining and living rooms are beautiful so we were careful to refinish those and we also chose to keep the screened porch on the exterior. The new hallway that leads to the bedrooms was just begging for a telephone nook in the wall so we replicated an old one and feel it fits in perfectly. 


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