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When you are renovating a bathroom, keep in mind that the plumber will come in two different stages.  First is called the rough-in and this is while the framing is completed but the walls are still open.  If your tub/shower faucet is not an exterior mount, you will need to have the valve onsite when they arrive since it gets installed behind the tile.  Also go ahead and have your vanity selected with the measurements on hand so they can install the water and drain lines in the correct spot to line up with the sinks on the vanity.  When they return to trim out, it will be after the floor and wall tiles are completed.  They will place all of the fixtures and make sure everything is working before they finish and the job is completed.

Ceramic floor and wall tiles are pretty common for most bathrooms.  You will want to make sure you order at least 10% extra of any tile your order and keep in mind that showers and tubs will require bullnose edges for along the perimeter to frame out most tiles like subway tile, a staple in our historic renovations.  If you are installing a tub/shower combo, first the tub will get installed by the plumber during rough-in and your tile contractor will install the backer board above where the tile will be installed.  If you have a custom walk-in shower, your tile contractor will install the base of the shower often called the pan using concrete and water proof materials, and the backer board.  The tile will be installed directly onto the backer board and pan.  Typically speaking you will be responsible for having all of the tiles and grout onsite and the tile contractor will take care of the remaining materials.

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