When I started Heather Homes back in 2016, we hosted an open house as sort of a grand opening.  This young couple, with their newborn in tow, showed up and by the time they left we had agreed to meet soon.  They were looking specifically for a house in my neighborhood and wanted to work with me.  The good news is I knew of a house that the owner was ready to sell, and boy did it need some work.  The even better news is that we would soon be next door neighbors, and still are to this day.

Exterior Renovations:
Cedar shake siding is an all-time favorite of mine and this house is covered in them.  This house had previously been turned into an apartment with stairs along the driveway side of the house that served as the upstairs apartment entrance so the first order of business was to tear those down.  Next, the construction team focused on repairing any cedar shakes and trim that were damaged and then it was time to paint.  If I'm being honest, I was a little skeptical about the bright blue choice of paint my clients chose but now I couldn't imagine the house any other color.  To finish up, we painted the front door yellow, a welcoming color to all of their family and friends that they love to invite over.

Interior Renovations:
This home has a spacious floor plan at just under 2,900 square feet, with a second story that's hard to tell is there from the outside.  The previous owner had already begun the process of converting it back to a single family home by removing the walls that split the first floor in two and added stairs to the second story from inside. So, when my clients purchased the home they picked up where she left off while at the same time putting their own touches on it. They wanted more of an open concept for entertaining than most old houses allow so we removed the walls on both sides of the middle hallway between the kitchen and the dining room. The result is a dining room with beautiful woodwork that looks into the brand new kitchen with custom cabinetry and quartz countertops.  We used one of the back bedrooms to create a private master suite on the left side of the house and carved out a small powder room for guests under the stairwell.  We also finished the upstairs into living space which is perfect for their three boys.  The transformation of this home is truly remarkable given the condition of what we started with and we hope they love it for years to come!

Nothing says you're welcome here like a yellow front door.


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