We worked with the homeowners of this beautiful historic home to return this home to her former glory.  Since my clients were planning to live through the renovation, we approached the renovation in stages over the course of a few years.

Exterior Renovations 
Right from the beginning the homeowner was sure of one thing - he wanted to keep the existing blue color scheme so the majority of the work was simply deferred maintenance. These old houses take a lot of ongoing care and it is easy to get behind with keeping up with repairs. The guys went over every square inch of the exterior repairing or replacing any siding, trim, and flooring that needed it. The most notable repairs were the porch railings replacements which were custom made to match the original. Along the back we reconfigured the back area by converting the enclosed back porch back into a screened porch, and enhanced the deck to include a pergola that now serves as my client's yoga studio. From there the painters got to work painting the entire house including all of the intricate details of the original custom trim. We hired a landscape architect to develop a gorgeous new yard design plan that included a koi pond with a bridge and the landscaping crew did an excellent job bringing that plan to fruition. We finished off the back yard with a Charleston style fence that adds a little privacy for my homeowners on this corner lot. Overall the house and yard look stunning.

Interior Renovations:
For the interior renovations our first step was to relocate the downstairs theater room upstairs, to make more room for an entertaining area downstairs. With that space no longer occupied, we completely changed up the floor plan to include a spacious kitchen, breakfast nook, two coffee bars, a half bath for guests, and a new laundry room. Since much of the original door and window trim were missing, we took what original trim we did have and replicated it so that the new space feels like it's been there all along. We love the way these interior spaces turned out and hope our clients enjoy it for years to come.

Blue is not just a color, but a state of mind.


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