The former owner of this home had lived there for almost 50 years and when her family decided to sell, it was quickly snatched up by an investor.  Luckily the investor decided to turn around and resale the house, and my client had the opportunity to buy it.  Together we renovated this dated house into her dream home, with a big splash of pink.

Interior Renovations:
When I first met my client and began conversations about the renovation, she said her mom said to inform me that her style is more like Home Town than Fixer Upper, and indeed mom was right and that style came to life through her design selections.  The first order of business was to rework the floor plan to add a second full bathroom.  Luckily, there was a huge and somewhat unused hallway that was just enough room to add a second bathroom so that the new master had a private bathroom.  We of course completely gutted the kitchen and then chose a bold turquoise green paint color for the new kitchen cabinets with white quartz countertops.  The rest of the house had the usual upgrades - all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and of course new paint throughout and refinished the hardwood floors.  This house was transformed into a cozy yet funky home thanks much in part to the great antique pieces our client already had. It's a fun little house.

Exterior Renovations:
Another one of the first things established with my client was that she didn't like 'girly' things so it was a surprise to both of us when I suggested painting the exterior a blush pink with black window sashes and bright white trim.  And it was absolutely the right choice especially with the prominent arch above the front door.  We finished up the exterior by restoring the screen porch which is the perfect place to hang out.

This cute little house packs a big punch despite it's small size.


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