This house sat vacant and boarded up for almost 10 years turning it into one of the biggest eyesores in the neighborhood.

There are houses you want to get your hands on, and then there are houses you really want to get your hands on.  After looking at this house fall apart right in front of my eyes for years, I was beyond excited to get the chance to renovate it.  Over the course of six months, we fully restored this beautiful home starting with the necessities - all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and roof. The kitchen was completely gutted including removing the wall between it and the dining room for a more open concept, something I don't do often but felt like it was the right call here.   Next the back addition was removed in order to reinstate the original screened-in porch, along with the addition of a small deck. The back portion of the upstairs also went through a major renovation in order to create a master suite and a second full bathroom.  

To those in the neighborhood, the biggest change was to the exterior where the overgrown yard was cleared, the remaining original windows and new replicas were installed, and a fresh coat of paint freshened up everything as well as new landscaping. We also added a new two-car parking pad and a beautiful arched wood privacy fence in the back helping  to turn this once eyesore to the one of the prettiest houses on the block.

In case you're curious why it's called the Boarded Up Beauty, here's the story.

The lady who used to live here passed away many years ago and her family inherited the property. They lived out-of-state so logically it was hard for them to check on the house.  This house sits diagonally across the street from the very first house I bought and lived in in Hampton Heights so I knew the lady who lived there and would visit with her on the front porch dreaming of what the yard could look like.

After she passed away, the family came down around 2007 and tried to fix up the house to sell. Since they weren't from the area they didn't realize that they weren't allowed to tear out the original windows (to replace them) since Hampton Heights is in a locally designated historic district. The City stopped their work so they boarded up the house and went home.  

Almost 10 years later....Heather got in touch with the new owner, the brother who inherited the house, and because he remembered Heather from conversations with his late sister, he agreed to sell. And the rest is history.

The History Behind the Name


Let's make your historic home  beautiful together.

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