Tools of the Trade

A collection of our must-have tools for when you're ready to roll up your sleeves and start renovating.


This has become a game changer when removing old paint and it comes with an attachment for a ShopVac too.

The most versatile of all the saws since it's lightweight and portable.  You'll find yourself using this over and over again during a renovation.

The most used small tool!  When you save materials to reuse, you're always pulling nails and this makes it so much easier.

The large square is great for squaring up doors and windows and the smaller for everything else.

Almost everything needs to be sanded during a renovation and an orbital sander is a must have.

Affectionately called my baby hammer, this small hammer is great for hard to get to places.

Nothing is ever plumb, level, or square so the more levels you have, the better.

A perfect combination for all sorts of projects, the drill for simple and impact when you need a little extra.

The versatility of this small but mighty tool is used in so many hard to get to places.

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