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Outdoor gardens are just as much a part of home as the house itself.  And old home gardens, especially the mature ones, tend to have the same garden staples in them.  These are some old garden favorites.


As someone who loves spending hours outside in the garden I firmly believe that the lawn and garden are just as important as the house when creating home.  And with a historic house, all the more so.

Over the years we have worked hard to keep as many old garden staples in the yards as possible when renovating a home.  I've even been known to take some flowers and plants from those yards to add to my own garden.  When I think of an old and established garden, these are some of the staples I see over and over again and try to incorporate into my garden whenever possible.

Historic homes are often surrounded by established, beautiful gardens.

limelight hydrangea


bloomstruck hydrangea

confederate jasmine

yellow jasmine


boxwood sprinter

lady in red climbing rose

rose bush

During the fall of 2022 I completed installing a DIY Irrigation System for my front yard.  My yard is pretty small but there were a few challenges but I'm excited to say it works great and has saved me a lot of time because face it - who remembers to water plants on a schedule?  The best part of this system are the wireless sprinkler timers which I cannot recommend enough!  

B-Hyve XD Bluetooth 4-Outlet Hose Faucet Timer

and here are the rest of the supplies used:

DIY Irrigation System Blog Post  Step-by-Step Instructions


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