DIY Outdoor Curtains + My Simple New Hack

May 13, 2024

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My favorite place to hang out at home is my screened porch and luckily the DIY Outdoor Curtains provide just enough privacy to make the space feel cozy.

DIY Outdoor Curtains

Just as a reminder, the old addition of My 1914 Bungalow was torn off the back of the house when I purchased it back in 2017. In its place we added the master suite to the left and my screened porch to the right.

Screen Porch of My 1914 Bungalow

It’s been a wonderful place to hang out and with the trees in the back yard, it feels like a little tree house.

Screened Porch of My 1914 Bungalow

And with the string lights, it almost feels magical at night.

Screened Porch with String Lights at Night

DIY Outdoor Curtains

Almost immediately when the screened porch was finished I added some DIY outdoor curtains. While my neighbors are the absolute best, I hang out here pretty often and they use their back door as their main entrance daily. In an effort to give us both a little privacy, I added these simple and inexpensive curtains.

No Sew Outdoor Curtains – Canvas Drop Cloths + Curtain Rings with Clips

The curtains are acutally 6 x 9 canvas drop cloths that you can find at any big box home improvement store. Also called painters drop cloths, they are are a thick and durable material that can easily be thrown into the wash when you need to clean them.

Be sure to get the ones that do not have the plastic backing and always make sure they have the stitching, which most do.

Outdoor Curtains with Curtain Rings with Clips

To hang them use these simple metal curtain rings with clips. By folding over the top and clipping rather than sewing, it’s incredibly easy to do.

DIY Curtains - Drop Cloth + Metal Rings with Clips

Curtain Rod Options

For the curtain rod itself, I suggest trying one of two options.

The first is to use galvanized steal pipe cut to size mounted with galvanized flanges. First measure the length of the entire space. Next, account for the threading and flanges to determine what the pipe length should be. Once I had my measurements I asked the associate at a home improvement store to cut it to size so it fits perfectly. I used this option along the top of the curtains.

New Hack to Solve an Old Problem

The second rod option came out of me trying to solve the problem of my curtains flying all over the place on windy days. Since my porch is up relatively high, high winds often times comes through. This blows the curtains everywhere and knocks over my couch cushions.

To solve that problem, I recently added a tension curtain rod along the bottom. I used the same metal curtain rings with clips ad attached the bottoms of the drop cloths to the clips. I did leave a little slack to allow for movement and it works perfectly.

This way I can open and close the curtains when I want. However, when the wind comes through it keeps them in place, solving my initial problem.

DIY Outdoor Curtains

So with this simple new hack, my problem is now solved. And the best part is that these outdoor curtains are so simple to assemble that anyone can do it.

DIY Outdoor Curtains

6 x 9 Canvas Drop Cloth
Metal Curtain Rings with Clips
Galvanized Steel Pipe
Galvanized Flanges
Tension Rod
Ceiling Fans
String Lights
Outdoor Area Rug
Similar Outdoor Couch

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