Renovation Coach

If you need ongoing support during your renovation, you need Heather as your coach.

  1. Help vetting contractors you have interviewed to decide who would work best.
  2. Reviewing your design plans or architectural renderings.
  3. Work through your timeline to make sure you have a solid game plan.
  4. Work alongside you once the renovation begins with any design, renovation, or contractor related decisions that need to be made or problems that might arise.
  5. Troubleshooting any changes that need to be made or how to best navigate those old house problems that always seem to come up.
  6. And anything else that I can help with to make your renovation successful!

allow heather to coach you through:

This service is paid on a month-to-month basis so you can receive help for as long, or as little, as you need.

$1,500 for the first month
$1,000 for subsequent months




Unlimited Emails 

3-Hour Consult: Power Session

with your monthly investment.

For some of your more detailed or longer questions, send an email to Heather at any time and she'll respond as quickly as possible during business hours.

Before your project begins we'll schedule a Google Meet to make sure you have a game plan and to get all your ducks in a row.

One 1 : 1 Consult Per Week 

We can set up a standing weekly time to talk or you can schedule as needed during the available calendar times.  1:1 Consults are 60-minute virtual meetings using Google Meet and can be used to discuss anything about your renovation.

Unlimited Voxer Messages 

This app based communication system allows you to send voice messages, texts, and pictures directly to Heather to receive feedback.  This would work well if you're meeting with a contractor and need help with a specific question. Learn more about Voxer by clicking here.


How to

Fill Out the Questionnaire

Please fill out all of the information on the questionnaire including scope of project, which month(s) you are in need of a coach, and other pertinent information to see if we are a good fit.

Receive a Quote 

After your questionnaire has been received you'll receive an email from Heather with an official quote for your review and you'll learn more details about how this service works. 

Contract + Payment

Once you have accepted the quote, a contract will be sent to you to sign electronically and your first month's payment can be paid online as a deposit to get on the schedule.  

Ready to get started?

fill out the questionnaire

Still Have Questions?

frequently asked questions

does this include a design plan?

No.  While Heather is happy to review any design plans you already have, this service as your Renovation Coach does not include developing a custom design plan.  If you are in need of those services, we would be happy to provide a quote for the Design Services we offer.   

Do you offer onsite face-to-face meetings for local clients?

If you are within Spartanburg County, your quote will have the option to make your weekly meeting a face-to-face, onsite meeting.  Otherwise, all 1 : 1 Consults will be virtually through Google Meet.

What if I don't know how long I'll need coaching?

We would suggest signing up for one month and then inquire about continuing the service if you need more help.  Please, however, keep in mind that Heather limits the number of clients she coaches each month to make certain each homeowner gets the amount of attention needed.

does this include interior design assistance?

While Heather is happy to offer guidance on design decisions such as paint colors, tile selections, and countertops, she does not offer help with furnishings.  We would suggest hiring an Interior Decorator near the end of the renovation if you are in need of those services.

is a renovation coach the same as a project manager?

No, this replaces Heather's previous service of a project manager in order to be able to serve more homeowners.  A project manager is typically on the job site on a daily, or weekly basis , schedules contractors, and keeps the construction side of the project on task and schedule and we no longer offer this service.  Some General Contractors do, however, have project managers as part of their team that can help you.  

Still not sure?

If you still have questions about Heather's Renovation Coaching services and aren't quite ready to commit, schedule a quick 30-minute 1 : 1 Consultation to talk through your concerns and ask any questions you might have.


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